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We arrange various forms of finance on your behalf, in the form of leasing or long-term rental agreements. Contact us today.


“If it appreciates, pay cash. If it depreciates lease it.” - Howard Hughes

When financing you television production equipment, you can accelerate the growth of your business by owning the equipment sooner. This puts you ahead of the pack, earning an income while the equipment is paying itself of.

If you are renting in equipment regularly and you are paying of someone else’s equipment. In this case it can make more sense to do a long-term rental agreement as an alternative that will allow you to hold onto all your profits. It also means the equipment is always on hand, ready to be used.

By choosing to go the long term rental route you are choosing to reduce your risk that naturally comes when working with a single finance institution. This will automatically give you the freedom to negotiate optimal interest rates.

Long term rental, or Operational lease as it is also known can be very good for you from a tax point of view. Lease payments are considered as operating expenses and hence, are 100% tax deductible. Leasing is also classified as an off-balance sheet debt and will not affect future purchases.

Rental finance allows you to maintain a steady cash flow which in turn helps with the day to day expenses of running a business.

Long term rentals are an excellent alternative to overdrafts.

Lease expenses usually remain constant over the lease tenor, or can be structured to grow in line with inflation. This helps in planning expense or cash outflow when undertaking a budgeting exercise.

For businesses operating in the sector, where there is a high risk of technology becoming obsolete, leasing yields great returns and saves the business from the risk of investing in a technology that might soon become out-dated.

At the end of the leasing period, the lessee holds the right to buy the property and terminate the leasing contract.

If you are interested in financing your broadcast equipment, Pro Sales can arrange a flexible finance package for you. Please contact us to apply for credit. Office 011-462000

Contact us about financing options from leasing to long-term rental agreements.

Television is the medium of the time. It has however in many ways become exorbitant and inaccessible to most. We want to make television possible for our customers and also to those that want to enter the market for the first time.

Because we know the capital input in the broadcast market, we attempt to lighten the load on your cash flow when purchasing equipment.

We arrange various forms of finance on your behalf, in the form of leasing or long-term rental agreements. As with the sale and service of the equipment and systems, we will be involved with the finance transaction to completion.