Maintenance, Service & Repair

We specialize in the repair of professional broadcast cameras, camcorders, VTR machines, tripods and other broadcast and production equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic and JVC.

Equipment Supply And Technical Maintenance

We strive to be Africa’s leading broadcast equipment supplier. We are currently Africa’s official distributor and reseller of more than 50 leading industry brands. Pro-Sales is poised to dominate the broadcast equipment supply space.

Whether you are looking to buy a camera, lighting equipment, video recorder, audio equipment, visual monitoring and 4k visual recorders or maybe you just need a battery and micro card, we are there for you.

We aim to satisfy every aspect of the market, from the small budget purchase to broadcast production house conglomerates.

When you partner with us, you don’t just partner with Pro-Sales. You become a part of a bigger family. Because Pro-sales is an official distributor of top broadcast brands like, Panasonic, Cam Gear, Dracast, Black Magic Design, Teradek, Atomos, SmallHd, Arri, Red, Altair, Sony… and many more. You can rest assured that after-sale support for your broadcast equipment is taken care off.

Our service divisions are expert in taking care of production and broadcast equipment systems; we cater for testing, service and repair for most of the top brands we distribute from varying manufactures.

Send Us your Kit for a Quote

Is your broadcast and production equipment in need of an overhaul? Send it to us and we will assess your equipment and provide you with a complete quote for repair, including parts and lead-time – with no obligation. The assessment fee is refundable if we proceed with the work, and all our repair work is covered by warranty.

Pro Sales offers the highest level of support and assistance to all types of television broadcast and studio equipment in South Africa.

Our Technical Service Department which is comprised of highly trained, technical personnel, with the aid of certified test and calibration equipment, provides services not only in South Africa, but also assists in the repair and maintenance of diverse equipment in Africa.

Our Technical personnel are sent regularly to suppliers to keep up to date with new repair procedures, servicing and maintenance techniques.

Our experienced Technicians include technicians who can solve specific problems with the aid of modern state-of-the-art test equipment to assure that all repairs, testing and maintenance are performed as specified by the original manufacturer.

This ensures ongoing support and reduced equipment down-time. Our dedicated team is available to offer repairs, maintenance and servicing of your broadcast equipment. We follow manufacturers guidelines, standards and procedures during testing, servicing and maintenance on equipment and use certified calibrated test equipment during testing and repairs.

Spare Parts and Components: The Technical Service Department has a wide variety of electronic components for most broadcast equipment repairs. Pro Sales is committed to keeping a supply of spares for imported and local equipment on hand, in South Africa, to ensure that your equipment can be repaired with as little down time as possible.

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